Duane Vander Klok

“In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” Ephesians 3:12

When you think about the word, ‘faith,’ what do you imagine? Does your mind automatically go to a church service, a prayer, or a song during worship? Do you imagine a tough time that you may have faced? Maybe it seems like a very spiritual word, but what if I told you that ‘faith’ has a very simple and applicable definition for our everyday life: confidence.

You see, faith is not just a spiritual word used by Christians. When you translate the word, it literally means ‘confidence.’ We, as believers, are called to have confidence in Jesus Christ, and more so in the blood that He shed on the cross. It’s through our confidence in the holy, sacrificial, and sanctifying blood that Jesus Christ shed that we find peace, rest, and assurance.

However, there is an Enemy that is trying his hardest to break our confidence in the blood that Jesus shed. Here’s the problem with the Enemy’s argument: it already happened. Nothing that the Enemy can think, say, or do can change the very fact that Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross for our sins. Instead, the Enemy targets our emotions, our feelings, and our ultimate confidence in the blood of Jesus. The truth is, however, that no matter where you’re at, far or near to Him, you can have confidence in what He already did through His blood. The price was paid for your redemption and restoration to Him.

This week, let’s have confidence in what Jesus did on the cross through the shedding of His blood. Let’s take it one step further, and use such confidence to lead us in all we do.