Truth That Changes Lives

God is Using Walking By Faith!

God is using Walking by Faith all over the world! Check out the testimonies below to see how His Truth is changing lives and then tell us how He is using Walking by Faith in your life.

Elizabeth from Budapest, Hungary: I like your teachings very much. It is a great blessing to me. I listen it every week from Hungary… We have a great church here… and we pray for you also.Thanks a lot for your ministry.

Carolyn from California: Thank you Pastor Duane for giving me the opportunity to re-dedicate my life to Christ. I have been under spiriuual warfare for months and because of the situation, I have not been attending church.  I have been watching your program since May 2017 and it has truly been a blessing to me. Each time, I have felt like God was speaking to me through you.

Jeniffer from Brazil: You guys are SO inspiring! Your app and programs have been changing my life. I was asked to be leader at my church – and I accepted, but I knew I wasn’t prepared. It started to bother me and I knew I needed changes in my spiritual life. Some people never leave the church, but their heart is so far away…that was me. I decided to start reading, praying and listening to music – Hillsong mostly. Then I found you and I started REALLY reading the Bible. I was in church my whole life, but I didn’t know Jesus. Now I feel like I have been born again, seriously! I cry every time I realize how much time I have lost in my life with this world and not with Jesus. Thank you!