Victory Now!

Duane Vander Klok

Picture the first Palm Sunday: Jesus, the promised Messiah and King is riding on a donkey through streets lined with people waving palm branches and shouting out, “Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest!” It may seem a bit strange to us today, but this was how people of that day celebrated heroes and royalty.

That word, Hosanna, comes from the Hebrew word ‘Yasha-na,” which speaks of victory, of being freed, delivered, helped, healed, rescued or saved. So what those throngs of people were shouting was “Salvation Now! Victory Now!”

How could anyone comprehend what happened next? Just days after the big parade, the promised King was crucified and buried. But you know the rest of the story. Three days after His burial, Jesus rose from the dead victorious over death, sin and the devil – and He shares His victory with us.

Today, many are not feeling particularly victorious. And, truly, we are living in the midst of trying times with the Covid-19 virus striking fear in the hearts of many. However, we do not need to live like those who believe that victory is nowhere in sight.

Remember, because of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection, we can – and should – proclaim “Victory Now!” by faith.

This week, energize your faith for victory by watching “Yasha Na” from our On Demand page.