The Scarlet Line

The Cross and The Blood (The Scarlet Line, pt 3)

At the cross, God took all of your unrighteousness and my unrighteousness and put that upon Jesus. And he took  Jesus’ righteousness, which is God’s righteousness, and gave it to you.  It’s the blood of Jesus that redeemed you, that forgives you, that cleanses you, and that sanctifies you. In this message from The Scarlet Line series Pastor Duane helps us to understand more about the significance of Jesus death, burial, and resurrection, and the power that resides in His Blood.

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Not Without Blood (The Scarlet Line, pt 2)

In part two of The Scarlet Line Pastor Duane explains the connection between The Old Testament ‘Day of Atonement’ sacrifices and Jesus sacrifice on the cross. Find out the meaning behind, and the reason, God required the High Priest to annually place the blood of a bull and a ram on the Mercy Seat and how that relates to Jesus’, “once for all”, shedding of His precious blood.

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The Covenant (The Scarlet Line, pt 1)

You can’t have faith in the blood of Jesus if you don’t know what His blood did. And, without faith in the Blood you cannot receive the best of salvation that God has for you. In this first message from Pastor Duane’s new series ‘The Scarlet Line’, he outlines fundamental truths about the blood of Jesus that affect not just your life now, but all of eternity.

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