Covenant Keeping Kindness (Stand pt 6)

In the last message from the series Stand, Pastor Duane teaches from Genesis about God’s covenant with Abraham, and the fulfillment of that covenant through the blood of Jesus. The Bible tells us that if you are in Christ, than these promises also belong to you. Find out more about God’s ‘Covenant Keeping Kindness‘ toward His children in this message.

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Faith in the Blood (Stand part 5)

In this message, Pastor Duane teaches about the purpose of the Blood. In the Old Testament, sacrifices were a picture of the blood of the innocent being shed for the guilty. In the New Testament, God sent Jesus – the innocent -to die for everyone – the guilty. Find out what it means to ‘believe in the blood’ and to be redeemed of the curse of the law.

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Authority in The Name (Stand pt 3)

In part 3 of Stand we are learning about our authority in Jesus Name. Most Christians tend to have faith in Jesus, wishing Jesus walked the Earth today so that people can be healed or delivered, but we have that same power and authority that Jesus had by using His name. In this message we will find out how to use the Authority in the Name.

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Get Free Live Free (Stand pt 2)

In Genesis, when Adam and Eve hid from God because they were naked, God asks – “Who told you you were naked?” Today we ask the questions: Who told you you can’t do anything right? Who told you you can’t be healed? Who told you you can’t stop your addiction?
It isn’t God telling you these things, these lies come from the devil. In part 2 of the series Stand Pastor Duane talks about The Promise, The Seed, The Blood and The Keys in this program titled Get Free Live Free.

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Stand Firm Live Brave (Stand pt 1)

With this program, Pastor Duane begins a new series call Stand.

Have you ever have a bad week? Everything in the world seems to be against you? The devil tries over and over again to take our focus off God and put it on other things. Find out how the Bible tells us to put on all the armor of God in this program titled Stand Firm, Live Brave.

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