Kingdom of God

Recalibrate Your Soul (Kingdom of God pt 5)

To recalibrate something means ‘to change the way you do or think about something’. If you are measuring your life by the wrong metrics, you will lose your purpose, you will lose your identify. In this message, Pastor Duane gives 5 tips on how to recalibrate our lives to be more Kingdom focused and let Christ live through us not just in us.

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Word on the Street (Kingdom of God pt 4)

If you are called to be a witness in a trial, all that is expected of you is to tell what you saw, what you experienced, or what happened to you. The same is true for us as Christians. God has asked you to tell others what has happened to you, what God has done for you, what you’ve seen, and what you’ve experienced because of what God has done in your life. In this message, Pastor Duane will give us examples from the Bible showing that we don’t need deep theological words, we simply need to tell the story of what God has done for us.

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Intent to Distribute (Kingdom of God pt 3)

When people look at your life, do they see anything different from their own? Do they see Jesus being glorified? In this message Pastor Duane challenges us to shining our light and to love people the way Christ loves us. Are you simply in possession of your Christianity or do you have an Intent to Distribute?

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Heaven Flood the Earth (Kingdom of God pt 2)

God’s ‘big-picture’ of salvation is not about escape, but rather it’s about restoration. Restoration of His Kingdom. As we seek first His kingdom we are to bring the Kingdom with us for others to see and experience. In this message, Pastor Duane encourages us to take an active part in bringing heaven to earth.

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Rethink Your Life (Kingdom of God pt 1)

This message begins a new series from Pastor Duane in which he challenges us to look at our salvation through new eyes. Is it all about what is convenient for us or do we really show the kingdom of God through our daily lives? Jesus didn’t save us just to get us to heaven. We’re supposed to be participants of the Kingdom. Find out what participation involves in this message titled ‘Rethink Your Life’.

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