Relationships pt 2

In part 2 of the ‘Relationships’ series, Pastor Duane teaches about what it takes to make strong families. Find out how the Bible says we can have have strong families – whether it has to do with our relationship with our spouses, our parents, our siblings or even grandparents.

Relationships pt 3

Perhaps your family has experienced wounds and hurts, things you think can never be healed. But God can heal all wounds. On this program Pastor Duane and Jeanie look at several of the components of a strong, happy and healthy family.

Relationships pt 4

On this program, Pastor Duane welcomes a good friend, Dan Seaborn, from ‘Winning at Home.’ Because every marriage faces “normal” troubles, Dan shows us how to get through the difficulties and strengthen our relationships.

Relationships pt 5

Your marriage relationship should be second only to your relationship with God. The Bible shows us there are four laws to follow in marriage, and in this message Pastor Duane teaches about the first law: the Law of Priority.

Relationships pt 6

Pastor Duane welcomes back Dan Seaborn for part 6 in the Relationship series. Dan shows us how to recognize and get rid of bad habits that may develop over time in our marriages.

Relationships pt 7

If you exercise regularly, your body becomes strong. But if you just lay around and don’t exercise, your body becomes weak. The same thing is true about marriage – it takes work. As Pastor Duane continues the series “Relationships” he will discuss the second law of marriage which is the Law of Pursuit.

Relationships pt 8

When we do marriage God’s way we get the best results. The third law of marriage, found in Genesis chapter 2, is the Law of Possession. Find out what the Bible means by ‘the two becoming one’ as it relates to your finances, your time and your possessions.

Relationships pt 9

There are four fundamental laws of marriage found in Genesis chapter 2. When we obey these laws, our marriages flourish. On this program, Pastor Duane wraps up the Relationships series by discussing the fourth law – the Law of Purity.