Make A Difference Series


In this three part series Pastor Duane shows us from the Bible that God has designed us to make a difference in the world by using the abilities He has given us. He also takes a look at the things that might be keeping us from living the life that God has planned.

Message #1 – Leave a Legacy – Our purpose in life is not to have fun, our purpose is to make a difference, to show compassion, help in a crisis, to do good works. We will be the happiest when we are living the life God predestined for us; using the gifts and talents he has provided.
Message #2 – Living the Good Life – Jesus is the King of Kings yet in his life on earth he lived to serve others in everything that he did. God instills those same desires in us today – to get involved in a ministry, to help the homeless, to bring a meal to a single mom, to share God’s love. He inspires us to want to please him.
Message #3 – Road Blocks – What might be keeping us from living the life God has planned? In this message we will learn how to stop living for ourselves and blaming God for our mistakes