Focus Shift

Duane Vander Klok

The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.
Isaiah 32:17

The love of God is not determined by your behavior or past failures. When you accepted Jesus, you accepted the righteousness that He bought on the cross. Many new believers understand that through the cross they will be accepted into heaven, but do not yet understand the relationship with God that is available to them and all the blessings that He wants to give on earth.

The cross and resurrection bought so much more for you than just eternal life! And when you understand that your righteousness comes from the cross, the result is godly, internal peace.

Your internal peace can come only from God. But when worldly ideas, thoughts or temptations pull at your thoughts, that peace is threatened with the fear, doubt, and lies of the world. In Matthew 14, as Jesus walked to the disciples on the water, He called to them and asked Peter to come out on the water to meet Him. Peter stepped out of the boat with his eyes fixed on Jesus and began walking on the water toward Him! But when his focus shifted from Jesus to the howling wind and water, he began to fear, and then he began to sink. Peter’s doubt affected his thoughts, focus, and internal peace.

Take care to guard your heart and your mind, sowing only the Word of God into your life. Seeds from the world will only bring strife, anxiety, chaos, and fear. When you are out on the water, fix your eyes on Jesus by meditating on the truth and promises of God. And know that your identity as a believer comes from the righteousness that was bought by Jesus on the cross. Godly peace is the result of not what you do, but understanding who you are in Christ.