Fighting Unbelief

Duane Vander Klok

When God rescued the Israelites out of Egypt, they got to witness His powerful love for them at work. He spoke to them through Moses, destroyed their enemies, and even parted the Red Sea. (Exodus 14) But when they finally reached the Promised Land, they trembled with fear and doubted God’s Word. Because of their unbelief, only two out of the two million Israelites went into the Promised Land. Even though God promised them life, victory, and abundance, their unbelief kept them from what God had for them. (Numbers 13)

There are several different forms of unbelief that can hinder your faith. One form stems from the traditions or beliefs that we learn from our culture or community throughout our lives. Tradition that does not line up with the Word can get in the way of God moving in us. If we don’t believe that He can or will do something, then we will not see Him at work in that area.

Another way that unbelief can fill our heart is through experience. If we think our life experience does not match what the Word says is true, doubt can enter our heart. Take care not to limit God by only looking at worldly things, but instead focus on His promises.

A third form of unbelief is when we choose not to believe what God has said. When we elevate our own opinions or feelings above His Word, faith has nowhere to grow in our hearts. It may seem easier to think we can use our own reasoning to decide what is right and wrong, which of His commandments we want to follow, or which Bible stories are true, but following Him does not mean we get to pick and choose what to believe. Faith requires surrendering every part of our lives to Him rather than giving Him only pieces of our heart.

Your level of faith determines your expectation of what He can do in your life. When you choose faith over unbelief, you are inviting God to work in your life. Dive into His Word to fill your heart with faith!