Breaking Up With The Devil

Duane Vander Klok

Many people say they want to know they are saved, but what they really want is to live for themselves and not for the Lord.  It is difficult for them to break free from all the world has to offer because they enjoy being romanced by the devil.  They say they want to live the good life, but their view of the good life is distorted.

The good life has been portrayed as having a spouse; 2.5 children; a spacious new home with a three-stall attached garage; ownership of two shiny new automobiles (one of them a Mercedes); a vacation home on the lake; and a prestigious position with a prominent company earning a six-figure income.  Many would agree that if you possess these things, certainly you would be living the good life.  Yet, in eternal terms, anyone having all these things without a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ would simply be existing.

God Has A Plan

God wants you to do much more than just exist.  He has “the good life” all laid out and ready for you to live.  The Amplified Bible puts it this way in Ephesians 2:10:

“We are God’s (own) handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, (born anew) that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us (taking paths which He prepared ahead of time), that we should walk in them (living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live.)”

God’s version of the good life includes blessing after blessing, happiness and fulfillment, peace that passes understanding and joy unspeakable! There is no place where you will have more of what you really desire than when you are in God’s plan for your life. It’s not only the good life, it’s the abundant life.

The Devil Has a Plan

God is not the only one who has a plan for your life.  Satan has a plan also, and his plan is not for good.  The Bible says in John 10:10 that the devil comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.  I cannot think anyone would choose the devil’s plan over God’s plan if they really realized what they were doing.  But unfortunately, many people simply do not believe the devil really exists.

Think about it.  Whenever the word “devil” is mentioned, what do you picture in your mind? Many people see a figure dressed in red with horns, a pointed tail, and a pitchfork.  In the mind’s eye, he looks almost cute and innocent.  The real devil doesn’t look anything like that, and he is anything but cute and innocent.  The devil is cruel and heartless and treats even those who serve him best, very poorly.

Satan wants you to be fearful; he wants you to be oppressed; he wants there to be sickness, disease and bondage in your life.  He wants you to have problems in your relationships and dissatisfaction with your marriage.  The devil wants your family destroyed and your children on their way to hell.  He wants you to be so deep in debt that you think you will never get out, or that you’ll never be able to own your own home.  Satan has designed a bleak future for you

Breaking Up Doesn’t Have To Be Hard To Do

Sometimes, it appears that Christians deliberately try to see how many worldly ways they can continue in and still be saved.  Instead of being motivated to walk as close to God as possible, they walk as close to the edge of sin as they can and then wonder why they aren’t experiencing His blessings.  They are unwisely putting themselves in peril.  You see, anytime you participate – even just a little bit – with the devil, he thinks you belong to him.  You might think you are just dabbling with sin; but in his eyes, it is a though you have walked down the aisle, said the vows and gone on the honeymoon! You need to break up with him immediately!

Picture this scenario.  A guy and a girl meet.  They like each other and begin dating.  Pretty soon, she is wearing his coat, has his ring, his CD’s and tapes, his “stuff.” Everything goes along fine until suddenly they have a problem and break up.  Immediately, I mean IMMEDIATELY, she throws the coat and ring back at him and goes home to get rid of all his “stuff.” She wants to be free from anything and everything that reminds her of him.

That is exactly how you need to be with the devil.  If you have allowed yourself even one dance with him, one area where there is sin, then you have some of his “stuff.”  The devil has given it to you whether you wanted it or not.  He thinks you are engaged.  You need to break up with the devil, throw his ring in his face, stomp on his jacket, burn all of the paraphernalia, and get rid of everything that’s his!

Now, what do you think would happen if you kept a picture of every person you’d ever dated on your bedroom wall and then got married but didn’t take the pictures down?  You would be in BIG trouble!  In the same manner, you cannot keep all of the articles of affection the devil has given you and have an intimate relationship with God at the same time.

God’s Way Or No Way

Please do not make the mistake of living your life like you are playing a card game with God.  You can’t keep the alcohol, the drugs, the ungodly CD’s, or the pornography if you want victory, peace, and the good life God has planned for you. You have to break it off with the devil one hundred percent! It is useless to wheel and deal or try to work out a bargain with God.  You can’t say, “God, I’ll give you my lying, my temper, my overeating, some of the bad movies and I’ll even throw in my drinking, in exchange for some of your healing and your blessing on my family.  I’m not going to give you my lust or my pride – it’s mine and you can’t have it! God, I’ll give you five for two.  What do you say; is it a deal?” It won’t work.

You either have to go all the way or none of the way.  Jesus has only one card to offer you and you have to give Him all your cards to get it.  His card says Savior and Lord, Healer, Blesser, Deliverer, Righteousness, Peace, and Provider.  It is the only card He has and to get it, you have to lay all of your cards on the table.

Why live with the dismal future that the devil has to offer when God has so much more?  Don’t be content with just some of the blessings of God.  Go for the good life He has prearranged and made ready for you.  Break up with the devil today and find out just how good the good life can be!

If you need to break up with the devil, read James 4:1-10 and pray:

– Renounce any connection with the devil.
– Repent (turn and go in the opposite direction) of any specific sin that you have been associated with.
– Return to God the area of your heart and life that you have wrongly given to the devil.
– Read the Bible daily. You will become stronger as you appropriate God’s promises.
– Run to God and away from temptation when it comes!